Welcome to Pay it Forward!

Enter your nominee for a chance to win $500 to Pay it Forward AND be featured on KTVZ NewsChannel 21 and Fox Central Oregon.

CENTRAL OREGON IS FULL OF INDIVIDUALS WHO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. To inspire kindness and giving, NewsChannel 21 & MidOregon Credit Union are giving away $500 every month to one of these inspirational people

Each month, a committee selects a winner who receives $500 to award to the deserving person they’ve nominated.

The winner and recipient will be featured on NewsChannel 21 at 6 P.M. and 11 P.M., the Fox 10 P.M. News, and the following morning on NewsChannel 21 at Sunrise on both KTVZ and KFXO. Each recipient is also featured on KTVZ.com and on our Facebook and Twitter sites.

Family members of the nominating person, employees of NPG of Oregon and the sponsors are not eligible to be nominated.


These are the recipients to date who’ve benefited from the Pay it Forward campaign. Many thanks to our sponsor MidOregon Credit Union for making the $500 award a reality for so many great individuals and organizations in Central Oregon.

January – Bob Troutman (Redmond volunteer) to everyone
February – Angela Wagner, Crook County kindergarden backpack food program
March – Rachael, Redmond St. Charles
April – Josh Legalo, CO Intergovernmental Council
May – Chuck Walker Sr. – Street Minister Epikos Church
June - Tessa Bailey – Hospice of Redmond
July – Heidi Meyers – Action through Advocacy
Master Chief J.W. Terry, C.O. Veterans Outreach

Pay it Forward